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BOOKS & ARTICLES: May be of interest to students of Buddhism and Charles Genoud's work

  • On the Cultivation of Presence in Meditation
    by Charles Genoud (Journal of Consciousness Studies)
    More info [pdf]
  • Gesture of Awareness / A Radical Approach to Time, Space, and Movement
    by Charles Genoud (Wisdom Publications)
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  • Confession of a Buddhist Atheist
    by Stephen Batchelor (Spiegel & Grau)
    More info
  • Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening
    by Joseph Goldstein (Sounds True)
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  • Buddhist Teaching in India
    by Johannes Bronkhorst (Wisdom Publications)
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  • The Science Delusion
    by Curtis White (Melville House)
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  • Living with the Devil: A Meditation on Good and Evil
    by Stephen Batchelor (Riverhead Books)
    More info
  • Alone with Others: An Existential Approach to Buddhism
    by Stephen Batchelor (Grove Press)
    More info
  • Buddha Is Dead: Nietzsche and the Dawn of European Zen
    by Manu Bazzano (Sussex Academic Press)
    More info
  • Bearing Witness: A Zen Master's Lessons in Making Peace
    by Bernie Glassman (Bell Tower)
    More info
  • The Wisdom of Imperfection: The Challenge of Individuation in Buddhist Life
    by Rob Preece (Snow Lion Publications)
    More info
  • Holiday: The Day That Is Holy
    by Jerzy Grotowski in The Grotowski Sourcebook (Routledge)
    More info
  • Farewell Speech to the Pupils
    by Jerzy Grotowski in TDR (Summer 2008)
    More info
  • Cinema Nirvana: Enlightenment Lessons from the Movies
    by Dean Sluyter (Three Rivers Press)
    More info
  • The Zen Commandments: Ten Suggestions for a Life of Inner Freedom
    by Dean Sluyter (Tarcher and Putnam)
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