When we relate to our experience with confusion, it is bondage; when we relate to our experiences ⎯ however difficult they might be ⎯ with wisdom, that is freedom.

In presence, knowing and being are one and the same; consciousness knows itself through the knowing of an experience. Any experience, when there is presence, reveals consciousness.

Charles Genoud

The Vimalakirti Buddhist Center is focused on a modern approach to Buddhism by exploring ways to express the essence of Buddhism within contemporary culture. It attempts to link Buddhism with Western philosophy, psychology, literature and other forms of art such as theatre, dance and cinema.

The Center does not, presumptuously, seek to transform Buddhism ⎯ there is no need ⎯ but rather to find a 21st century expression of it; an expression that preserves the roots of the tradition yet is not limited by it.

The Center encourages an investigation of modern literature and the social sciences in a bid to find elements that can further illuminate the Buddhist path.